Are you ready to find your political soulmate? Just like a dating app, we're giving you a first impression of the parties on offer this upcoming election.
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Here we'll show you definitions of any jargon or political words that may be tricky to understand.
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What is Candidate?

Candidate is a web-based app that helps you find a date for the upcoming election.

Created in 2014 by Hannah Duder for the Virgin Voter Collective campaign, Candidate is designed to give a first impression of party policies across seven issues that matter to young Kiwis, and get you interested enough to find out more before the election.

You will be shown a number of policy statements that have come straight from the horse’s mouth - that is, directly from the political parties themselves to ensure an unbiased view. You will swipe left to disagree or right to agree with the statement, and are then matched with the political party that best suits you based on your answers.

The categories have 10* answers to the same question representing each party's response.

We approached all parties who were registered at the time of creation*.


*Except for the category of ‘transport’, which only has 9

*ACT and the Mana Party did not want to be involved with Candidate.

Confirm Your Match

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